Guest queries

Guest queries

Guest queries / Which information do you need in order to prepare your event?

Each event is planned individually. You want to find out how many vegetarians are among your guests? You need the information, how many guests will arrive by car and need a parking space? Ask your guests! They can, for example, reply in a free text entry field, or you enter the possible responses and your guests only need to put a check mark. Of course the Event Manager supports you for a perfect travel and hotel coordination.
In order to check address data, it is also possible to make the available data visible for each guest, so that he can provide the correct information by himself even when the contact data changes.

Number of accompaniments / How many companions may your guest bring along?

You can specify for each guest individually, whether accompaniments are allowed. You determine which guest may come to your event alone, in pairs, in threes or for example to fourth.

Guest categories / You invite guests who should get different queries?

You can assign different categories to your guests if necessary. This may occur when, for example, only a certain part of your guests will be invited to a pre-reception. Or only a certain group of guests should be asked whether a shuttle service is desired, or similar.

Location allocation / You want to distribute your guests in various rooms?

If you provide your guests with a variety of meeting rooms / ball rooms and you want to distribute your guests directly during the registration, it is of course possible.

Confirmation of registration / How should we call the name of the mail sender?

After registration, the guest will receive a confirmation by e-mail immediately. You define the name of the mail sender. You can, for example, take the e-mail address of your company.
You can also decide whether only the guest should receive a confirmation e-mail, or whether you should receive a confirmation to your mail-address as well.