Invitation Sending

Invitation Sending

How do you want to send your invitations? Printed or by e-mail?

You can send your printed invitations as usual. It is only important that each guest gets his individual personal code combined with his invitation. This code can either be printed on the invitation directly or on an insert alternatively. You can customize the insert individually using the Event Manager and print it with the codes personalized.

You want to send your invitations by e-mail?

You can easily organize this through the system. We recommend the sending of HTML mails in this case. The access code for the guest is assigned automatically. It is also possible to send a PDF file attached to the e-mail.

Reminder / You want to remember your guests to register?

The Event Manager enables you to send reminder e-mails quickly and easily to those who have not responded back yet.

Stragglers / You want to invite additional guests after the first mailing of invitations?

No problem - it is always possible to expand the guest list and invite guests again.